Iris Mes-Low

Iris Mes-Low is a visual artist with a studio at 100 Braid St Studios in New Westminster. This triple portrait was painted from the exact same photograph and explores how any slight variation in a portrait can alter the likeness of a person.

Tiffany Prince

This is a portrait of New Westminster artist Tiffany Prince. Tiffany is one of the organizers of Vancouver Arts Meetup with over the 3,000 members. She is also the President of the inclusive artists group New West Artists.

Hey Jude (Judith Copland)

Hey Jude is a portrait of Judith Copland, a visual artist living and working in New Westminster and Vancouver, Canada. One day I was talking with Judith and she was at a crossroads with the direction of her art after a hiatus. The title came about by merging her signature (Jude) with the Beatles song…

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Looking Out

I thought what better way to start my personal art blog with a (rare) photo of myself looking out into the horizon. This blog will be a reflection of what I’m seeing (and doing) with my art. I hope you enjoy!